HNC, HND, Bachelors, Masters and PhD

Research & Dissertations

We have over 5,000 dissertation topics. We can help you make that decision and give you the guidance for your planning and conducting an undergraduate or masters level research/dissertation. You'll enjoying working with us on producing a clear-cut, innovative research/dissertation which you'll find useful moving forward in your own career.

Business Management, Marketing & Law

Whether you focus entirely on business management, specialists within the subject areas of accounting, economics, leadership practice, innovation and enterprise or marketing, we offer an academic advisory services to enable you complete all your coursework and assignments. You'll be involved in the process, in that way, you are not cheated out of the knowledge which you'll need to defend your own work and to demonstrate the required skills when your career starts. Send us your module handbook or your assignment brief and instructions and an advisor will be in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange suitable time to create an action plan that can help to meet all deadlines.

Education, Learning & Teaching Courses

Whether you are enrolled on a diploma, bachelors or masters programme related to learning development, education and teaching, our academic advisors have years of experience and can help with all course work type and assignments, proof read, critique, literature reviews, lesson planning and delivery methods. Send us your course work brief and we'll contact to arrange further meetings to discuss your assignments, essays and research. 

Health and Social Work Courses

Health and social care workers offer a vital service to the UK - their contribution to the health service is invaluable. Our academic advisory services are designed to support students from a social care, housing, health or nursing background who need support in writing, critiquing, proof reading and other assignments.

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