Anti-Muslim Hate Crime in UK

December 30, 2016





The aim of this research is to evaluate the events and incidents that involved Muslims and terrorism; and to analyze the impact those events made on the psychology of people living in UK, which may have given the rise to the anti-Muslim hate crime. Moreover, the aim is to analyze the reasons and circumstances that associated Muslims with the terrorist attack. The scope of this research is to evaluate the criminological aspect of the terrorist events that occurred in the past; and have resulted in the anti-Muslim hate crime as a consequence.  Anti-Muslim bias was first introduced with the concept Islamophobia in 1997 by the Runnymede Trust of United Kingdom, referring to biased discrimination alongside Muslims communities and individual, and prohibiting of Muslims from mainstream social and political affairs. Islamophobia has entered the vocabulary but mutated from a fairly particular usage to denote hatred and dread of Islam and dislike or fear of most or all Muslims.  The research approach in this study was based on both techniques; qualitative and quantitative methods. However, the data has been conducted from primary and secondary researches. Qualitative research was used to find the key aspects of past studies regarding the Muslims and terrorism and their impacts on people in United Kingdom. On the other hands, quantitative research was also used by conducting survey in UK.The method adopted by this research paper was particularly a survey method. The sample size was based on 500 respondents in which 300 respondents from university; Muslims and Non-Muslims teachers and students and 200 from online survey from other citizens in UK. The technique of questionnaire was effective because it is very cost effective and effectual to analyse the circumstances.     The over-all findings of the survey are based upon the respondents that were equal in number from both the parties. Half of the respondents were Non-Muslims, while the other half were Muslims who gave their opinions on the subject of anti-Muslim hates crime which exists in UK. Moreover, they were further classified into half in accordance with their gender. The findings revealed that Muslim respondents tend to consider the aspect that majority of Muslims are not at all associated with the terrorist activities; or that they could ever support such acts. While on the other hand, most of the non-Muslim correspondents considered all Muslims as terrorist and that they are associated with the over-all terrorism, which exists in the world. This is also backed with the views of Ingraham , who indicated that anti-Muslim hate crimes are rather based on the racial hate crimes, than the religious hate crimes. However, it makes about 2% of the over-crime that prevails in UK. The research conduct in regards with the subject resulted that Muslims living in the region of UK are highly subjected to radicalization and that the non-Muslims have immense prejudice against them, as much as they do not wish to negotiate in finding a mutual solution.


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