RACISM WITHIN THE WORKPLACE: An insight into the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic employees at the British Airways

January 5, 2016


Racial discrimination is a social menace that is constantly decaying the foundations of the society we live around. The presence of racial discrimination in society and workplace inspires inequality, hatred, inefficiency and psychological pressure among individuals. The very fact that racial discrimination is still predominant in several parts of the world in spite of so many crusades and development against racial discrimination across the globe; shows the level of risk and negativity racial discrimination have. According to Hilton & von Hippel (2013), institutional discrimination is still prominent in almost every profession globally and one of the major challenges for management. Hilton & von Hippel (2014) stated that the increasing globalization of workforce in industries have changed the configuration of workforce across industries. On one hand as it has opened new dimensions to promote equality and justice, on the other hand it has increased the scope of occurrence of racial discrimination(Hilton & von Hippel, 2013). Airline industry is no different as most major airlines operate globally and thus have global workforce. Even the workforce of British Airways has a good proportion of black, Indian and employees of Asian origins. The black minorities in UK have always been one of the sufferers from the menace of racial discrimination. As the majority of the workforce populations of BA are from UK, European or American origin, there is high scope that the minority of African, Indian, Chinese and others representing the minority population could be the victim of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is not only a social menace but also a strategic issue for any organization. According to Darity & Williams (1985), racial discrimination puts huge psychological pressure on the employees. This has negative impact on the performance and efficiency of employees. This is also the reason why most international airlines and organizations promote diversity and equality among employees(Smith, 2012).

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