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Tier 1 Investors and entrepreneurs visa application

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We support all the tier visa application process which includes the business plan and all financial analysis.

Academic Writing, Research and Dissertations

Specialist writing advice is an invaluable resource. Teaching this properly is a skill in itself, and not something that most academics are trained in or could do with any effectiveness. 

Our team will give you the support and guidance necessary to complete your assignments, essays, dissertations and coursework. However, this is NOT a ''buy an essay'' type of business. You'll be involved in the process through scheduled meetings (either face-to-face, via Skype etc) to create a learning/teaching partnership towards completing all your work on time. We'll also provide model answers and study aids, which students should not attempt to copy or submit as their own. 


We'll give the support to complete all of your coursework, assignments and essays. You'll be involved in this process either face to face, via Skype or on Webex. 

We have conducted other several researches for educational institutions, small and medium businesses. So whether you are a business, wanting to start a business or a student seeking support in areas of research or dissertations, we are the right team to contact.

Online Diplomas at Level 3 & 4

Do you wish to enroll on a diploma level 3 or 4 in business or in health and social care? There is government approved funding for these level of courses. Contact us today!

Business Plans, CV and Cover Letters

Quick turnaround time

We have written hundreds of business plans in the last couple of years. It is an area we have recorded a lot of success. We apply creativity and innovative ideas to make your business plans unique.

Private tuitions

One on one or group tuitions

We offer the best private tuition in London; focusing on University and College students. Our main goal is to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared for exams, quizzes and test at the University. Our modern meeting rooms offers a comfortable environment for learning. We also do home visits; ensuring you are learning in an environment of your own choice. Exam is not a headache if you have prepared enough. 

Data Collection, Analysis and SPSS Analysis

Research is one of our unique strengths. We'll support your research aims by collecting both primary and secondary data on your behalf. Out team will also offer specialist guidance on methodological approach, discussions, analysis and the application of any research tools.

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