January 16, 2017



International Human Rights Law are Laws that are made to protect the fundamental rights of individuals globally at all levels; international, regional and domestic (Smith 2010). They are formulated based on treaties, agreements wh...

December 30, 2016

Importance of this research relates to the specific type of merger and acquisition, which types company’s securities are admitted to trading on regulated market. The reason is that tender offers for companies, whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated mar...

December 30, 2016

The research is an attempt to understand the implications of glass-ceiling effect on working women. Glass-ceiling refers to those obstacles or difficulties which prevent women from assuming larger roles in business, or from ensuring effective career progression. With r...

December 30, 2016


1.1 Background Study

The objective of this research is to improve the quality of services for the banks in Mali and this study will also help mainly in increasing the numbers of loyal customers of the bank. For this study, we had taken the leadin...

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