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A Private Academic Support & Business Consulting

Our services are broad and comprehensive. We provide support services for both international and local students in United Kingdom and also educational consultancy for private colleges in UK.  

From supporting an individual decide on an academic course to pursue to providing personal academic support when an individual eventually becomes a student, Turnitgreat do not disappoint. Additionally we have been delivering personal mentoring and coaching as a psychological and spiritual support and helping students make decisions after their studies.


Above all we also write CV's, Cover letter and Business plans.

For private colleges, we are an affordable yet an excellent 'agent' that provides freelance tutors and lecturers on demand for HNC's, HND's, Bachelors and Masters programmes respectively. We have highly competent tutors/lecturers in economics, accounting, business management, tourism and hospitality, ICT, health and social care. 

For Small Businesses, Turnitgreat Business LTD can be trusted in the provision of an affordable yet an extremely high standard of business training, development programmes and workshops.


 - By Anthony O. Owusu - Senior Academic Advisor

4 Sessions Microsoft Training
Leadership, self confidence and public speaking - A 2 day residential seminar


Making Professional Presentation
 Symposium 201

What are clients saying & Listening to?

Disclaimer: Any draft essays or reports we provide during the support process are intended for research purposes only
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